Hello. We are Haptik.

Haptik – Customer Service done the 2013 way. 

Read official release on our blog – http://blog.haptik.co/post/63727777754/hello-we-are-haptik

Just short of 23 months since the idea’s germination, the thought to let companies & customers ‘chat’ through a closed channel of communication vide a smartphone app

Haptik Logo - Hand device

Haptik Logo – Hand device

and for consumers to be able to access customer service in a smart, intelligent manner has finally taken birth.

Ably led by CEO Aakrit Vaish and supported and built by a guy who I’ve begun to admire for his unassuming awesomeness, Swapan Rajdev (CTO), I think this idea and now company is in the hands of wonderful people. I’ve shared a bit of the last 12 months of my life and a lot of the last 2 months working with these fantastic gentlemen in turning this idea into reality. Miten Sampat as a friend and adviser and Raveesh Bhalla as Lead Engineer & Interaction Designer have also been key to this idea shaping up with clear purpose while maintaining high levels of quality. I am part of this team as Design & Marketing Partner.

We announced the company to the world today, via a post on our official blog.

During the last fortnight, we’ve released an alpha version to select friends and family who’ve been kind enough to go through TestFlight’s painful sign up process and give us feedback on the app. Your efforts are much appreciated!

The next few months are exciting – with all the hard work and weeks of self analysis, criticism and second guessing out of the way, Haptik will go into Beta this month. We’ve opened up invites on our homepage and the response is encouraging. It also has Swapan going through sleepless nights in working to ensure the back-end works perfect when we release the app to all of you. A launch video is also in the pipeline sometime this month.

I’d once again encourage all of you to read our blog to better understand what Haptik is and then sign up for a chance at early access once we are in beta. If you like what you see, don’t forget to like our Facebook page and stay upto date with everything as it happens on our Twitter feed.

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