Struggling with iPhone heating up, battery life and other problems after iOS 8?

So I guess it’s fairly clear that Apple have (again) messed up the public release of the ‘biggest update’ to the “world’s most advance mobile operating system”.

Users across the Internet have been complaining of plunging battery life, phones heating up, performance lags and of course, the mammoth 5GB space requirement for the OS upgrade.

Having gone through the Wi-Fi upgrade route (from Settings –> General –> Software Update), I was encountering all of the above issues. The phone was getting so hot that I couldn’t hold it after 10 minutes of data usage. Calls were literally impossible since the phone would burn my face! Moreover, my Messages inbox became incredibly laggy and would keep hanging.

As is the norm these days, I took to Twitter to rant. And I am thankful I did. Cameron Clare (@camclare) seems to have figured out the solution to this problem and has drafted a decent article on the subject. Do read the story here.

However, while his route does seem to sort the issue of battery life out, I can’t say it does much for the phone heating up since I am finding it very hard to continue typing at this point! (Yes, I love the WordPress iOS app!)

Do you have a fix to the issue of the iPhone overheating after upgrading to iOS 8?

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