How to get Jet Privilege Customer Service to respond

Jet Privilege Customer Care

I have been a member of the Jet Privilege programme by Jet Airways for a while now. Starting off as a Blue member, working my way up to Blue Plus and then all the way upto Silver before settling at Blue Plus since I realized that FFP points didn’t count for much versus real money saved by flying no frills airlines. However, I got a credit card that was co-branded with the Jet Privilege programme so that I earned miles every time I spent on the credit card. As a result, I managed to build up a fairly comfortable buffer of points which I redeem every once in a while. The experience in doing so has been terrible.

The problem is literally a template. Book a ticket online using online redemption of miles. This part of the process is super easy and convenient. Though it is a redemption, there are usually taxes and charges which you pay online and you have your redemption ticket within minutes. However, God forbid you want to make any changes to your reservation, that’s when your nightmare starts. Modifications to online redemption tickets is not possible online. You are required to write in to the Jet Privilege support desk.

E-mails sent to Jet Privilege support receive an instant auto responder with a message that says you would hear back from their agents within “three working days”. So basically, no last minute modifications or changes, unless you have nerves of steel. On almost every occasion that I have tried to reach them in the last 8 months, I have never heard back from their agents. As travelers, we of course need to make alternate arrangements to our reservations and schedules which are dependent on our airline responding. However, Jet Airways doesn’t seem to agree. I have had nerve racking instances of waiting for them to respond, upto 24 hours before my departure date.

Those of you sniggering saying depending on e-mail for customer support in India is an effort in vain – well, this is 2014. I don’t see why I should call a number for elementary services such as the above. However, I still did call them recently. I even made Manika call them. And poor Manika, twice, waited for nearly 20 minutes on hold and finally ran out of patience on both occasions.

So to work my way around this, I have come up with a workaround that’s never failed me till date. Follow up the e-mail to with a tweet to @jetairways – somehow, that always seems to light a fire somewhere in the Jet Airways office and things seem to move pretty quickly after that point. You will typically receive a call from a Mumbai landline number where the agent will be quite courteous and swift in resolving your case.

Hope this helps you in your adventure with Jet Privilege.