Super Innovative Startups 2015

Super Innovative Startups That Could Change Your Life

There are loads of lists on the internet about the hottest/coolest/sexiest startups in the world today. As someone who’s been watching this space for a few years now, I’ve been specifically fascinated by startups that are high on innovation and look to fix or address a genuine, everyday problem. That, is the inspiration behind my list below; startups that made me go wow either thanks to the problem they’re solving or how they’re using technology to shake up an existing industry.

  1. Duflduflfeature1As someone who spends a lot of time traveling and therefore, packing and repacking and packing again, Dufl is a dream. You’ve got to check out their story as reported here on TechCrunch. Forget the pain of picking clothes, packing suitcases and parading through airports looking like Uncle Scrooge. It’s quite simple – sign up for the service, Dufl sends you a suitcase that you pack with your usual travel clothes. Once you are ready, your case is picked up by FedEx and transported to the nearest Dufl hub. Your clothes are then catalogued and made available for viewing and selection through the Dufl app. Whenever traveling next, just ‘pick’ out the clothes you want on the app and Dufl will ensure the bag reaches your hotel or address, before you touchdown! Once done with your visit, just schedule a pick up and Dufl will pick up the bag and take it back to their hub and have it washed, pressed and ready for use – boom! Within months of launch, it’s great to see Dufl now have a presence across the US & Japan!

    For their full story, visit


  2. LechallechalGoogle maps navigation achieved through haptic feedback in footwear – the story of dreams! 2 things that have me really excited about this product – fantastic design, I’d love to be seen wearing those shoes; and Made in India – so proud!To see how this startup is making quick progress, visit
  3. LummalummaA genuine problem that, if solved, can help thousands of people globally survive the pain of wrong medication and on  an everyday level, just make lives easier! has a detailed description of where the team has progress.


  4. Carvanacarvana

    Not as young or revolutionary as the 3 listed before it, Carvana is definitely poised to shake up how people (in the US) buy and sell used cars. Carvana lets people buy high quality used cars, sight unseen, through a very interactive, highly transparent and immersive experience on their website. On visiting the gallery of cars on Carvana, one of the first things that strikes you is the quality of the photography. Every car is available for viewing in 360 degrees, inside and outside. Any knicks or scratches are left for potential buyers to beware of and are even highlighted as hot-spots to avoid any surprises later. Established in 2013 out of their HQ in Phoenix, AZ, Carvana has operations and distribution facilities in Atlanta, Dallas, Nashville, Charlotte, N.C., and Birmingham, Alabama and hopes to close 2015 with $120 million in revenue, up from $45 million the previous year. The latest buzz around the venture capital markets is that Carvana is looking to raise $300 million.One of the coolest features of the Carvana process that I feel isn’t spoken about enough is the way cars are photographed and catalogued. I’ll let this part of their corporate video do the talking.

    Visit to buy your next car!

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