Do you have it in you – Startup offer

Update, 16 Aug: Thanks to all the good folks who’ve been helping spread the word. I’ve updated this post to indicate that we are no longer only looking for someone out of Chennai. We’d in fact prefer if the person was based out of Bangalore / Mumbai since they’d then be closer to the brands. Please keep spreading the word.


It’s been great getting back to work post all the madness of the wedding. Yes, it does deserve a separate post of its own and I am working on it. 12 days, 14 events across 2 cities.

So back at work – things are as usual at Influx. Business is robust, cash flows are getting better and generally there’s optimism that better times are back.

Some of you close to me also know that I am working on Haptik – an app that’s expected to change the world and when it does release this September, you are going to be asking the now cliched question – “where was this all this while!?”. I was to take on a pure advisory role at Haptik initially – however, we have recently been talking of a fuller role at Haptik. So between Influx and Haptik (and the wife!), my time is pretty much sorted.

However, there is this other project that I have been working and thinking about for the last 6 months that I’d like to see gather some steam over the next 6 to 8 months. A website that lets you order samples of everyday FMCG products from the comfort of your home, all in exchange for your honest feedback. Titled,, the project would be cultivated and mentored by a gentleman (we’ll call him Kay for now) with oodles of brand marketing experience and me. The key challenges to this project are getting customers on to the portal (traffic) and getting the brands to get on to our site (listing). While the former is something I do every day at work and comes very naturally to me, Kay through his days as an ad-man has vast experience and a wide network of people in FMCG brands. Between us, the major strategic challenges will be overcome.

However, like any solid business idea, it’s success will depend on it’s execution. And its towards this end that we are looking for someone (young) who is willing to come on board full time and take this idea forward. The Chennai/Bangalore/Mumbai based position will include having to liaison with brands, travel to meet with brand managers across India, engage in digital marketing to reach out to customers, make sense out of the gigabytes of data that the website will produce, etc. We are typically looking for someone who wants to startup by themselves but is either looking for the platform or just hasn’t had the guts yet to quit his/her first job and do it. We’ll be fair – we’ll pay a survival fee of about Rs. 35,000 per month and take care of expenses. We are going to be bootstrapping this till we reach the first 1000 unique, repeat users before we look out for seed/angel funding. We are also keen to tap both the UAE & India markets in our bootstrapping phase.

Whether you have more questions, feedback or know someone who fits the bill or are interested yourself, feel free to write to me on harish at thesharck d0t c0m and I’d love to engage.