Single & Successful: Why not, thank you!

What would this world be without friends? Well one thing’s for sure, I’d be less famous or in the spotlight! After Vidya’s kindness last time landing me an interview with, this time, it was the turn of Mr. Rahul Bhardwaj & the very lovely Ms. Jas Banwait to sneak me into the Single & Successful section of their blog on – a dating site for Indians in North America.

Much flattered, good souls. May your tribe increase.

The full interview is available here –¬†

Windows 8: Release Preview Review

Yo people. So I recently managed to install the Windows 8 Release Preview (Consumer Preview has been phased out) on my PC at home. However, I haven’t had a chance to test drive it much.

15th July – I consciously decided to start using the PC to see how well the OS performed. Since Influx was working on building apps for Windows 8, it was only right that we knew the software’s UI in & out. Thus began my journey and love affair with the OS.

As of now, I am completely in love with it. I even had withdrawal symptoms of not having Win 8 on my work PC on Monday, July 16 & left for home by 5pm! I have put it through extensive browsing, app download & usage and even designed an app on Photoshop on Windows 8 and have come away a complete fanboy!

Watch this space for a more detailed review coming soon, once I have spent more time on it, tested a few games as well, connected a few more devices and installed the Release Preview of the spanking awesome new Office 15 (2013) on it!

Data Connectivity issues with Nokia Lumia 800, Whatsapp & Twitter not working

Hey people – this post is since I have been plagued for the last 3 odd weeks with a problem on my Nokia Lumia 800. Looking through the internet or talking to the telco customer care for a solution didn’t help. Scouring deeper on the internet did. I am supposing a lot more of you using WP7 on Lumia would possibly encounter the same problem and thus this post.

For about 3 weeks now, ¬†third party applications on my Nokia Lumia 800 refused to connect to the internet via 3G. The list included Whatsapp, Twitter & Facebook, to name a few. Initially, I’d receive notifications for the Whatsapp IMs but when I opened the app to interact, the messages would just not load. However, browsing within the browser as well as emails worked just fine.

I tried talking to Vodafone customer care to check if my 3G plan was alright and it was very much active. They then transferred me to their technical team which made me change my APN to ‘www’ which didn’t do the trick either.

Frustrated, I decided to google up the solution (a little more indepth than I had previously done) and I finally found my fix. I found the magic fixthrough a post by Docbhagat to a thread on the Nokia forum.

Steps are anyway given below:

1. Open up the Network Setup app that comes by default on your Lumia phone. If not, download it from the Marketplace. It is a Nokia app.
2. Run the service and it will detect automatically the right data settings for your operator
3. Edit the apn to ‘www’ for Vodafone and ‘’ for Airtel (without quotes of course)
4. Restart the phone

That’s it. This simple 4-step process did it for me.