Eye ball molestation

That’s precisely what television advertising during cricket is becoming. First there were the commercial breaks which started even before the last ball of an over was fully played out. Then came the audacious looking drinks trolleys which at one point in the mid-90s seemed to have been the product of a NASA / ISRO jugalbandhi. Soon followed the branding of the pre, during and post match shows which would have your favourite banian brand showcasing the best catches of the day, the latest churan “bringing to you”, the wickets that fell in that session and so on and so forth.

The turn of the century saw quirky little characters descend to your television screens as aston bands (those annoying little bands at the bottom which appear whenever a wicket falls, a six is hit, a cat pisses, etc) made famous by the Hutch boy & girl characters (h & i).

But in all of this, there always remained a certain amount of ‘out-your-face’ness’, a subtlety which made you take notice and forgive it as a desperate corporate’s innovative attempts at wooing you.

Admittedly I sat down to watch a cricket match today after quite a while – so pardon me if I am a little late with this. The brazen ludicrosity with which ‘Sangeetha Mobiles’ was advertised to look like an ad on the playing square, between the batsman and the wicket-keeper and flashed just as the bowler was about to bowl drove me absolutely up the wall! The sheer distraction value was definitely garnering more negative than brownie points for the brand.

Somewhere deep down, on a good day (with a nice glass of single malt in hand), you realize that yes, it’s these brands / ads which help keep broadcasting / viewing costs down. But then again, watching it on a Rs. 35,000 television set, paying Rs. 4 per unit of electricity and Rs. 700 per month as DTH charges, you really wonder what this corporate porn is subsidizing.

Preetam Mukherjee – I hope our discussion sometime earlier this year about being able to pay up to Rs. 100 more per match-day to watch the broadcast ad-free comes true someday. Kyon, Ten?

Apple.com – we are human too

If you are a web designer, you probably have heard on more than one occasion clients referring to Apple.com as a reference for how their website should be. In all honesty, they deserve that position in their ivory tower too – they do have a great website and it almost always works near perfect.

More so why I was quite excited today when I found a blooper on Apple.com’s online store.

The MacBook Air page on the Apple Store has a page title which reads MacBook Pro.┬áSmall it may be but it’s a boo boo never the less.

Try the link today before the eagle eyes in charge of Apple.com get it corrected.

A woman who hates diamonds?

I am so thrilled to have received this in my mail today as it highlights *precisely* why I wanted a blog like this – to showcase such glorious instances to you fellows.

Firstly, congratulations in order to the chaps at Khwaahish Diamonds who are opening up their new store on Cenotaph Road, Chennai. Ladies of Adyar, Alwarpet, RA Puram, Besant Nagar rejoice and pamper the husbands.

As is the norm these days, my name must’ve crept through from some mailing list and I received an invite to the opening of the store – clearly a waste of an invite.

However, what caught my attention was the photograph of this beautiful model sporting a gorgeous diamond neck collar. What didn’t quite fit was that the model looked as though she had just seen a ghost! It’s no rocket science that there’s no woman in this world who doesnt love her diamonds. Hell even the back cover of the invite read “I love diamonds”. Take a look for yourselves and then decide.

Diamonds not a woman's best friend?

Some showing off, courtesy mylaw.net

The good folks at myLaw.net, influenced primarily, mostly and largely only by my good friend Vidya Raja decided that my life is worthy of encapsulation into a story on their website.

I was quite taken aback as to why a “contextual network” of lawyers would be interested in the life of a law school dropout, but Vidya (as always) managed to convince me that they did.

The story sits here – http://www.mylaw.net/Article/ByArticleId/288/ protected by the annoying need to login to read it. Please bear with the same. I will ask for permission to reproduce the story on this site but till then, please visit their site to view the story.

“At fourteen, when all his friends were talking about cricket and crushes, Harish Anand was unravelling the mystery box we call computers and immersed in creating webpages. Today, at twenty-six, Harish describes himself as an Internet entrepreneur and marketer by profession, a photographer by passion, and a food critic at heart.”

Why me?!?

As I went about setting up this blog, I could almost hear the domain name screaming out at me the very question which is the title of this post – Why another blog when I already had one going at thesharck.com and which I was anyway unable to keep upto date thanks to my lazy ways.

Well the answer lay within – For a while now, I have wanted to share stuff with others on the internet – incidents, visuals, people, places, news, etc which I keep picking up from my travels and existence. Since my current blog was so strongly themed around food, it didn’t quite make sense to put up, say a picture of Shane Warne and Liz Hurley making out in there. Or for that matter, the drop dead gorgeous new Blackberry PlayBook.

As a result – harishanand.com – keep checking back whenever you can for goss / info on cars, gadgets, shopping, travel, multiplexes, celebrities and of course, food!